About Us


Symarom was established in 2003 with its corporate headquarters and factory in Singapore. Our goal is to offer diverse varieties of flavors tailored to local tastes and preferences of small and medium size food factories.

Symarom creates unique flavors that are designed to excite the palette, stimulate sensations, help ignite passion in your products and set you apart from the competition.

We are enthusiastic about fulfiling your market objectives. By listening and understanding your requirements, we carefully customize our formulations to suit your needs.

We are an SFA registered flavor house with Halal Certification from MUIS Singapore and MUI Indonesia. The company started its Kosher certification in 2010.

In every activity we engage in, we strive to match, if not exceed your expectations. From fulfilling your needs, ensuring food safety, consistent quality to delivery, the customer remains at the heart of our company’s focus.

Our Vision

Taste your success

The center of our vision is the customer’s success. We are not just suppliers of flavor. We are partners with our customers and the only way for us to succeed is to ensure that their businesses become successful.

Our Mission

Symarom aims to achieve a fine balance between creativity, technology, service and price so as to provide competitive and innovative products that ensure the success of customers’ products in the market.

Every flavor is tailor-made with state-of-the-art technology and creativity from a team of experienced flavorists to give you the taste of passion.

Our Story

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Company Name and Logo

The Chinese name for Symarom is “狮马龙”. 

狮 represents Lion for Singapore, 
马 represent Horse for Malaysia and 
龙 represent Dragon for China.

Traditionally it was these 3 countries that the company depended for its survival. At the same time, these 3 animals underline the fundamental strength, vitality and energy of Symarom.

The logo has a letter ‘S’ that signifies a dragon with its tail pointing below and its head charging forward. This represents a forward-looking dragon that is destined to bring in more sales each year. The dragon swimming in the sea indicates its desire to spread itself globally.

Humble Begininngs


Symarom had its humble beginnings in March 2003, occupying a rented factory with a relatively small footprint in Fook Tong Nam Building, Admiralty Road, Singapore. The core business then was the manufacturing of liquid flavors and emulsions, catering mainly for the markets in Singapore, Malaysia and China.

Since its inception, the company has experienced phenomenal double-digit annual growth. Within a short span of 17 years, Symarom has expanded its business into the entire Asia Pacific covering Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea, China (including Hong Kong), Pakistan, Laos, Cambodia. Recently, its clientele includes the Middle East and European companies.

The main goal of the company is to offer flavors that are tailored to the local taste, catering to the small and medium food enterprises (SME). Through the years, many of these SMEs have flourished, with Symarom riding in tandem with their success – a testimony to our core mission: Gouter au Succes

Our Second Home

Symarom subsequently acquired 3 factory lots at Foodxchange@Admiralty in 2010. The fully-owned factory, with a larger footprint, was also retrofitted with new production equipment and automated systems, a modern laboratory and warehouse facilities to boost its production capacity. Two more units were later added to augment its capacity.

Despite its success, Symarom learnt that the only way to compete with the regional players in this ever-demanding market is to relentlessly upgrade its facilities and competence.

An Agilent-GCMS was acquired as part of the investment to carry out advanced research and development and for quality control of incoming raw materials and finished goods. A microbiological laboratory was also incorporated to ensure that high food safety standards are strictly adhered to.


Our Current Location

Continuous Modernization

In recent years, Symarom has shifted its operations to larger premises @ Mandai Foodlink to cope with the increasing demand for its flavors. The company continues to invest heavily in core technology and upgrade its facilities to improve its operation productivity. These include:

  • Automated in-line bulk solvent storage and auto-dispensing systems;
  • Automated flavor compounding using robotic technology to increase productivity and precision.

Overseas Expansion

To strategically position the company for the vast market in China and reduce supply lead time, a decision was then made to expand its manufacturing operations to the Pearl River Delta in Guangzhou province. The newly acquired 3-storey building is currently equipped with full-fledged facilities for liquid, emulsion and spray dried flavor production together with a quality control laboratory.


New Horizons - The Birth Of SYMROMA

symroma new logo

A new era is beckoning! Another refreshing chapter is about to be written as we seek new horizons and explore frontiers where only the boldest dare.

Sheer perseverance and resilience have enabled Symarom expansion from Asia Pacific to embrace customers from Europe and The Middle East. In forging new alliances, Symarom remains dedicated to its core mission – “ Gouter au Succes” – that of allowing our customers to ‘Taste Their Success’. Our list of ever-growing satisfied customers bears unwavering testimony to this.

The name ‘Symarom’ was originally derived from the boundaries we operate (Singapore, Malaysia and China). But the time has come for us to break out from the limits of our mindset. To embody our spirit – ‘Insatiable, Bold and Adventurous’ – and to elevate Symarom to the global arena, a new brand was created.

Welcome to the exciting world of SYMROMA synonymous with ‘Symarom AROMA’ or ‘Symarom FLAVOR’. With SYMROMA, we intend to inject a fresh, new breath of life into the company while holding onto our humble roots.

Our Markets

The World has become our Oyster. Our global presence is gradually but surely spreading across the continents.


We are an SFA-registered flavor house with Halal Certification from MUIS Singapore and MUI Indonesia.

The company also started its Kosher certification in the year 2011.

We are also FSSC22000 certified. FSSC22000 is a Global Food Safety Initiative that meets the requirements of the international food sector for an independent ISO-based food safety scheme. It covers processing, manufacturing and handling of all the flavors made in our factory.

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